Global PhD Program in Industrial Engineering

The Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) at National Taiwan University now offers a set of courses in Operations Research and production and operations management, which are instructed in English. These courses are at the graduate level and are suitable for both MS and PhD programs.

Degree requirements

_____Besides the requirements stipulated by National Taiwan University, the global PhD program of the IIE has the following requirements for the PhD degree:

  1. Successful completion of two core courses: (a) Introduction to Optimization, and (b) Stochastic Processes.
  2. Successful completion of eighteen (18) credits of course work for students with a M.S. degree in IE-related fields. Otherwise, thirty (30) credits are required. At least 12 credits should be earned on courses offered by IIE. All those credits should exclude credits on Special Topics, Graduate Seminars and Dissertation.
  3. Pass the qualifying exams on the two subjects of (a) Introduction to Optimization and (b) Stochastic Processes within two years after admission.
  4. Presentation of dissertation works in an international conference sponsored by the Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Society (APIEMS), the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), the Institute of Industrial Engineers, or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
  5. Completion of two papers as the first, second or corresponding author, in the top 50% rank (by 5-year impact factor) of SCI or SSCI journals. One paper should already be accepted for publication and the other should pass the first referee review.