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Yon Chou周雍強




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1. Education


Purdue University, Industrial Engineering


The Ohio State University, Industrial and Systems Engineering


National Tsing Hua University, Industrial Engineering

2. Work





Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst


Purdue University

Instructor in Industrial Engineering



3. Teaching

·       Deterministic Models and Methods (renamed Introduction to Optimization)

·       Supply Chain Management and Industrial Economics

·       供需鏈競合與設計 (在職專班)

·       生意模式 (Business Models)

·       Offered in the past:  製造系統設計與分析、資訊系統、排程、生產系統與流程分析

4. Teaching Awards

·       Excellence Awards教學優良獎:NTU,台灣大學, 88

·       Outstanding Awards教學傑出獎:NTU, 灣大學,101

5.  Research interest (recent):  供應鏈、需求通路、產業鏈生態系統、共享經濟、technology management

·       強化隱形冠軍企業的供需鏈設計與運籌能力,科技部計畫,2014-2017

·       混合式結構的供應鏈系統組態與控制策略,國科會計畫,2013-2014

·       快樂醫療工業工程的服務應用,國科會整合型計畫總計畫,2010-2013

·       醫療照護業偶發需求的物流服務與階層服務,國科會計畫,2010-2013

·       Risk Management for Intelligent Supply Chains, 資訊產業策進會, 2011

·       450mm晶圓產業前瞻發展與國際聯盟研究,工研院產業經濟與趨勢中心,2008-2009

·       新世代450mm (18) 晶圓製造的產業經濟效益分析架構研究,工研院產業經濟與趨勢中心,2008

6.  Journal papers (partial, recent years)

·      Hsing-Yi Huang, Yon-Chun Chou and Sherman Chang, 2009, “A Dynamic System Model for Risk Management of Dynamic Events in Full-Load States of Manufacturing Chains,” International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 47, No. 9, pp. 2485-2506.

·      Y-C Chou and Hsien-Jung Chung, 2009, “Service-based Capacity Strategy for Manufacturing Service Duopoly of Differentiated Prices and Lognormal Random Demand,” International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 121, pp. 162-175.

·      Yon-Chun Chou, Hsing-Yi Huang, John Jahn, and Chien-Hung Kuo, 2010, “A Framework of Economic Analysis for Tapered Technology-Manufacturing Alliances,” International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 127, pp. 249-261.

·      Yon-Chun Chou, Yao-Hung Chen, and Hui-Min Chen, 2012, “Recency-based storage assignment and warehouse configuration for recurrent demands,” Computers and Industrial Engineering, Vol. 62, pp. 880-889.

·      Chou, Yon-Chun and Huang, Pin-Hsuan, 2013. “Integrating Machine Scheduling and Self-healing Maintenance by Job-Mix Pull Control,” International Journal of Production Research, 51(20), 6194-6208.

·      Yon-Chun Chou, Yao-Hung Chen and Hui-Min Chen, 2014. Pickup and Delivery Routing with Hub Transshipment across Flexible Time Periods for Improving Dual Objectives on Workload and Waiting Time. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 61, 98-114.

·      Yon-Chun Chou, Wen-Chi Sung, Grace Lin, and John Jahn, 2014. A Comparative Study on the Performance of Timing and Sizing Models of Capacity Expansion under Volatile Demand Growth and Finite Equipment Lifetime. Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol. 76, 98-108.

·      周雍強與葉瓊雯, 2015, 智權元件供應商以差異化原則選擇產品宿主(Product host selection based on product differentiation for proprietary component suppliers)科技管理學刊, 20(4), 59-80.

·      Yon-Chun Chou, Yue-Lan Lin and King-Fai Chun, 2016, A Method for Aligning Serial Batching Decisions in a Two-level Organization of Factory and Distributed Workstations, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Vol. 27, No. 5. (published online on August 13, 2014)

7.  Invited special talk and other publications

·     Plenary Speech on Supply Chain Risk Management Swiss Refinance Company Asia Claims ConferenceSept. 5-6, 2012, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

·     周雍強,連鎖加盟業進行整合與創新的一些要領,2011 台灣連鎖店年鑑,台灣連鎖暨加盟協會。

·       簡報就是表演Show?天下文化出版社,19998ISBN 957-621-598-6,天下人知識系列 BK021

8.  Academic services

·       Fellow, Society of Asia-Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management (APIEMS), 2014~

·       Board member,  Society of Asia-Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management (APIEMS), 2002~

·       Board member, Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers (Taiwan), 2001~

·       Board member, IFPR Asia-Pacific Region, 2002 ~ current

·       Board member, Asia-pacific Industrial Analysis Association, 台灣亞太產業分析專業協進會, 第四、五、六屆理事,2009 ~

·       Board member,台慶科技教育發展基金會,2010.122013.12